Our Standards

Every Evolving

Here at Northern Dawn we are ever evolving to better and better ways to improve our methods of handling the milk.  Why?  To bring you nutritious milk that is far above Utah Grade A Raw Milk standards.

We have worked around the food industry for over 20 years, and take safe food handling extremely seriously.

Our current system starting the summer of 2017:

  • Daily the milk utensils and jars are disinfected using the …. Wash, rinse, sanitize…. system that we learn through taking the Utah Department of Health Food Handler’s permit
  • Jars and utensils are air dried
  • After each doe is milk, the milk is strained into a disinfected quart jar
  • Once the jar is nearly full of milk (doesn’t take long), the jar is placed into an ice water bath for quick chilling

Utah Rule R70-330, Raw Milk for Retail licensing code

  1.  Milk temperature – 50° within first hour of milking and 41° after two hours.  Our milk is measured to easily fall within this categoryWe do temperature test and record our temperatures and times on a regular basis.  Milk_temp_90min_freezer
  2. Bacterial standards for raw milk shall be a bacterial count of no more than 20,000 per ml. and a coliform count of no more than 10 per ml.  We plan to begin testing for bacteria soon.
  3. Somatic Cell Count not to exceed 1,500,000 cells per ml for goats.  Our milk is tested for Somatic Cell Count once per month through the Dairy Herd Improvement program.  There are at least three ways that I know of to test for this.  1) State or other laboratory testing 2) Dairy Herd Improvement testing 3) Home quick testing plates.   Our Milk easily falls within the correct Somatic Cell Count allowances.

UT Agriculture Temperature 50° one hour, 41° two hours

Northern Dawn Herd Record


Outside Temperature

Milk Temp at time of cooling, after straining

Temperature one hour

Temperature 2 hours





(1/2 hour) 55° near jar neck
52° in middle
40° one hour


I just decided to test in different parts of the jar. 
Didn’t have enough ice either, Just a think skim of ice, so basically cold water.
Half time that state requires for time vs temperature.  Above Grade A standards for time vs temperature

1/26/2018 30° 60° 40° 40° In Dec 2017 we began straining our milk immediately after milking each doe. Then once the quart jar is full (takes very little time to fill it), the jar is placed into the ice water.  Today we had just a small skim of ice, so not much ice water. Still, the milk was chilled to 40° in one hour, maybe less. We temperature tested in one hour.
 5/21/2016     41°  same  
 5/22/2016     41° same  
5/23/2016     40° same  


Utah Agriculture Somatic Cell Count Limit 1,500,000 cells per ml

Northern Dawn Herd Amounts


Test Method

Somatic Cell Count

April 25 2016 Rocky Mountain DHI Average 284,733… Main herd 153,230  (easily meet requirements