Goat Milk

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Just yesterday a guy said, “Drinking Goat Milk was the worst experience I’ve ever had.”

My husband quickly responded with,  “Our goat milk tastes like cows’ milk.  Its good.”

My response to this gentleman was, “If its handled correctly through proper feeding and not giving them weeds, quick cleaning, quick chilling, its delicious.  Bad taste means improper milk handling.  I think goats are more likely to have tastes due to weeds, than cows are.  Goat milk is sweet and tasty.”

The guy then responded with, “I think my Grandfather soured me on goat milk.”

  • I would submit that there are several things that give off tasting milk and why it gets goaty after a few days.
    Chilling the milk slowly and not enough, after its coming from the doe.  Goat milk is very hot when it comes from the goat.  One of these days I’m going to temperature test it at that point, just for fun.
  • Weedy diet on the does
  • Barn flavor…. unclean due to not cleaning udder and hands, dirt, etc


Do we personally drink our own milk?

We do drink and use our milk for cheese, yogurt and kefir.  In fact, I can easily polish off a gallon myself in one setting.

 What our customers say of our milk

We’ve had many people say such things as, “I never believed that goat milk could taste like cows’ milk, but yours does.”  See our Reviews section… and this is only part of the reviews we have had.  mrhappy2

The Secret to Great Tasting Goat Milk

  • Clean and shave those udders
  • Clean hands after every doe and before working with the milk itself
  • Clean disinfected containers and utensils
  • Clean milking and milk handling facility
  • Strain the milk right away after retrieving it from the doe or cow
  • Quick chill it with a minimum of 50° within the first hour and 40-41° after two hours
  • Good nutrition on the does or cows
  • Good Grass and alfalfa feed, with a minimum of grain 
    Certified Non-GMO and Weed Free Alfalfa Pellets
    Goats pastured on our rye grass
  • Regular testing of milk for temperature, somatic cell count, coliform and plate count.  If regular testing is done, then we know if there is a problem and can start looking for the issue that is causing the bad taste.  Also how long does the milk have a great sweet taste?


My Father’s Experiences of Our Milk and Goat Milk

Many years ago my Dad was working for a Colorado farmer.  Morning and night they milked 110 head of does morning and night by hand.  The does’ udders were washed before hand milking.  Then they’d go out in the field and work in the field all day.  Do you know why they milked that many goats?  The farm was the supplier of milk for a hospital. You can bet that in those days it was not pasteurized milk, but rather raw goat milk.  I’m going to interview my Dad about this and have him tell the story.

Here is what Dad said.

“(interview reported when I get home from work)

A few years ago my Dad and Mom were visiting here from Canada.  Dad tried our raw goat’s milk. Now that is not much of a surprise, because he will taste most anything.  He instantly said, “Now this is GOOD!  It tastes like cows’ milk.  Dear (speaking to my beloved Step-Mom) you have to try this!”  She was very reluctant at first, then she tried it.  She absolutely loved it.

Some views on Goat Milk and Why Drink it?

  • Many people can drink goats’ milk, whereas they may be lactose intolerant of cows’ milk. That is due to the makeup of the goat milk.  Now I’m not in any way down playing cows’ milk.  I love that too and grew up on Jersey and Guernsey milk.
  • Goats milk has many nutritional benefits for skin and body