Producer Struggle

The struggle

We would love to share some tips and training for producers of farms and other food businesses, so they can become successful and sustainable.

Does this fit you as the producer?  Are you struggling, like most of the rest of us farmers just to make a dollar? Are you close to bankruptcy?  Are you wondering where yours or your livestock’s next meal is coming from?  Or are you working a full time employment job and then coming home and working full time on your farm… dead on your feet, starving to death and worn to a frazzle? 

Listen to what Charlotte has to say. (video used by permission by Charlotte of

Interview Between Charlotte Smith and Joel Salatin

(This video is used by permission from Charlotte, to help you, the producer change your mindset on how to market your farm or food business.)  You can obtain the workbook to help you become profitable at:


My own struggles

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